Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Face Book Faux Friends

Most of the "friends" on my friend list are people that I know at one point in my life, but haven't spoken to in ages. These are people that for whatever reason (mostly to up their friendlist count I bet), have searched for me and added me as their friends.

When I first became a facebooker, I thought it was cool. I thought well maybe just maybe these folks were interested in my life and were interested in telling me about theirs. That is so not the case. Which is why I find it highly ironic, that after a year of not hearing a peep from this certain "friend" he sends me an email titled 'Please do me a favor', as he goes into a monologue describing his latest business venture. You know I hit delete with the quickness right? The nerve.

Not too long after that incident, another "friend" who never comments on my status and does not respond when I comment on his, had the nerve to ask me to vote for him as best blog or some shit. I'm not sure what it was because once again, I hit delete with the quickness.

I'm tempted to just delete these two from my friend list completely, but it's just easier to ignore them.